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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mural Painting (Art Club)

Jun Yuan Primary School

This mural is deveoped from floral motifs of our ethnic artifacts such as those found on ceramics, carpets, costumes and furniture. The selected motifs were combined and recomposed as a semi-abstract mural.

Track Record

Composite Art & Design runs various educational projects/courses in Visual Art and Design. Trigger Creations is its series of Art Educational Programmes (AEP) as endorsed by National Arts Council (NAC).

These courses include:
1. Cultural Masks
2. Plasticine Relief Art
3. Faces in Cubism
4. Figurines in Paper Mache
5. Images of Food
6. Paper Sculpture

Our Homes, Our Community is its officially approved PAL programme for lower primary levels (P1/P2) endorsed by MOE PAL Unit.

Various other Art and Design courses could be customised and tailored according to school's needs. Primary courses could also be funded under AMIS (Art and Music Instructor Scheme) as officiated by MOE.

Client List:

Primary Schools
01. Aitong Primary School (AMIS funded: Mixed Media 2D/3D)
02. Bendemeer Primary School (AMIS funded: Mixed Media/Collage in Pop Art Style; Animal Puppets; Clay 3D/Relief Art)
03. Bukit Timah Primary School (AMIS: Mixed Media/Paper Sculpture)
04. Canossa Convent Primary School (NAC-AEP course: Cubism)
05. Clementi Primary School (Enrichment Progs: Local Art/Mixed Media/Cubism/Post-impressionism)
06. Concord Primary School (Enrichment Progs: Mixed Media; Recycled Art, Relief/3D Art)
07. Coral Primary School (AMIS: Relief Art on Peranakan Houses/Mural; Peranakan Tiles)
08. CHIJ Primary (Toa Payoh) School (NAC-AEP/AMIS funded: Collage/Paper Sculpture/Mixed Media/Relief Art/Paper-cut/Masters’ Series/ Chinese Painting)
09. Da Qiao Primary School (AMIS funded: Mixed Media Art)
10. East Coast Primary School (AMIS/NAC-AEP: 'Paper' Art; Mixed Media)
11. Edgefield Primary School (AMIS funded: Relief Art)
12. Elias Park Primary School (Enrichment Prog.: Mixed Media/Cubism)
13. Endeavour Primary School (NAC-AEP/AMIS: Relief Art/Mural Installation)
14. Eunos Primary School (Enrichment Progs : Great Masters’ Series; Relief Art; Basic Art Renderings; Nanyang Art )
15. Frontier Primary School (NAC-AEP: Figurines in Paper Mache)
16. Greenwood Primary School (Enrichment Progs for P1/P2)
17. Griffiths Primary School (AIS/NAC-AEP/AMIS: Various Art courses for both curriculum & enrichment programmes/Mural Painting)
18. Haig Girls’ School (Paper Sculpture; Mixed Media 2D; Figurines in Paper Mache; Appropriation of Local Artists’ Work - TimeOut)
19. Hougang Primary School (AMIS: Relief Houses in Collage Mixed Media)
20. Hong Wen School (AMIS funded: Cubist Still-Life)
21. Innova Primary School (NAC-AEP: Fabric Painting)
22. Junyuan Primary School (AMIS/NAC-AEP funded; Various Art courses for both curriculum & enrichment programmes)
23. Kranji Primary School (Scrapbooking; Paper Sculpture)
24. Lianhua Primary School (Enrichment Progs: 3D/Relief Recycled Art/Paper Sculpture/Relief Art/Mixed Media Painting)
25. Mayflower Primary School (Enrichment Progs: Appropriation of Local Artists’ Work – TimeOut)
26. Nan Hua Primary School (Enrichment Progs: Painting/Mixed Media/Chinese Painting/Relief Art/Paper Sculpture)
27. New Town Primary School (NAC-AEP: Clay Relief Art)
28. Ngee Ann Primary School (AMIS funded: Cartooning/Manga/Collage/Mixed Media/Clay Relief))
29. Park View Primary School (Various NAC-AEP/AMIS funded Art progs: Mixed Media; Relief Art; Recycled Art; Paper Sculpture; Cubism; Fabric Art)
30. Pasir Ris Primary School (IEP: Paper Art; Paper Sculpture)
31. Peiying Primary School (AMIS funded: Collage; Mixed Media 2D)
32. Punggol Primary School (AMIS funded: Great Masters’ Series: Post-Impressionism/Chinese Painting)
33. Raffles Girls’ Primary School (Enrichment: Paper Sculpture/Mixed Media)
34. Rosyth Primary School (AMIS funded: Mixed Media using recycled materials)
35. Seng Kang Primary School (AMIS funded: Relief Art in Plasticine)
36. Sembawang Primary School (NAC-AEP: Faces in Cubism/Clay Relief Art)
37. Siling Primary School (AMIS funded: Collage/Mixed Media)
38. Singapore Chinese Girls' Primary School (AMIS/NAC-AEP: Paper Sculpture; Mixed Media; Recycled Art)
39. St Anthony’s Cannossian Primary School (Enrichment Prog.: Paper Sculpture/Wire Sculpture)
40. Tao Nan School (AMIS funded/NAC-AEP: Collage/Mixed Media/Paper Sculpture/Artists & Art Styles/Cubism/Relief Art/Fabric Art/Print-making)
41. West View primary School (NAC-AEP: Images of Food/Cultural Masks)
42. Whitesands Primary School (AMIS: Mixed Media; Cubism)
43. Woodgrove Primary School (Various AMIS/NAC-AEP funded Art Progs.)
44. Yang Zheng Primary School (AMIS funded: Mixed Media)
45. Yumin Primary School (Mixed Media; Paper Mache; Recycled Art)
46. Zhonghua Primary School (AMIS funded: Semi-3D Art using recycled materials)
47. Zhenghua Primary School (NAC-AEP: Mixed Media Art)

Secondary Schools
01. Ang Mo Kio Secondary School (Installation Art; Mixed Media)
02. Bedok North Secondary School (Installation Art)
03. Bedok View Secondary School (Reference & Ideation for Art-making)
04. Bishan Park Secondary School (NAC-AEP: Pop Art)
05. Boon Lay Secondary School (NAC-AEP: Pop Art)
06. Bukit Merah Secondary School (NAC-AEP: Paper Sculpture; Paper Mache)
07. Chua Chu Kang Secondary (Post-exam Programmes: Fashion Design/Clay Relief/Cubism)
08. Damai Secondary School (Enrichment Progs.: Fashion Illustration; Caricature Illustration; Paper Sculpture; Cultural Masks)
09. Deyi Secondary School (Local Artists & Art Styles)
10. East View Secondary School (NAC-AEP: Images of Food/Cubist Faces)
11. Geylang Methodist Secondary School (NAC-AEP: Local Artists & Art Styles/Cultural Masks)
12. Guang Yang Secondary School (Elective Module: Cartooning Workshop)
13. Kranji Secondary School (Enrichment Progs.: Mixed Media/Chinese Painting)
14. Nan Hua High (Post-exam Modules: Wire Sculpture/Fashion Illustration/Cartoon/Paper Sculpture/Abstract 3D Paper Art)
15. Naval Base Secondary School (NAC-AEP: Local Artists & Art Styles; Mixed Media Painting)
16. Northbrooks Secondary School (NAC-AEP: Cultural Masks)
17. Pasir Ris Secondary School (NAC-AEP: Cultural Masks)
18. Regent Secondary School ((Enrichment Progs: Local Art Series)
19. Singapore Chinese Girls’ Secondary School (Enrichment Progs: Local Art Series)
20. Singapore Sports School (NAC-AEP/Enrichment Progs: Caricature Illustration; Images of Food; Cubist Faces, Paper Mache Figurines; Cultural Masks; Paper Sculpture; Clay Art)
21. Tampines Secondary School (Fashion Design: EM for NT/NA; Local Art & Artists)
22. Tanjong Katong Girls' School (NAC-AEP: Mixed Media Painting; Pop Art; Images of Food; Cultural Masks)
23. Temasek Secondary School (NAC-AEP: Mixed Media Painting; Enrichment Prog.: Fashion Illustration)
24. Queensway Secondary School (NAC-AEP: Mixed Media Painting)
25. Woodgrove Secondary School (NAC-AEP: Mixed Media Painting)
26. Yuhua Secondary School (NAC-AEP: Collage/Mixed Media)
27. Yusof Ishak Secondary School (NAC-AEP: Artists & Art Styles)
28. Yuying Secondary School (NAC-AEP: Cultural Masks)
29. Zheng Hua Secondary School (NAC-AEP/Enrichment prog.: Fashion Illustration/Images of Food/Linoprint)

Awards Achieved (SYF Art & Crafts Exhibition 2011)
Silver (Griffiths Primary School)‘Our Symphony of Flats’
Bronze (Concord Primary School)‘The Strong Foundation’
Bronze (Eunos Primary School)‘Houses in Harmony’
Bronze (Elias Park Primary School)‘Multifaceted Portraits of Singapore’

Selected SYF 2013 Work with Certificates of Recognition
Our Neighbourhood, Our Home (Cat A - LIANHUA PRIMARY SCHOOL)
A Land of Flowers (Cat A - EUNOS PRIMARY SCHOOL
Every Child An Artist (Cat C - EUNOS PRIMARY SCHOOL)
The Three Little Artists (Cat C - SEMBAWANG PRIMARY SCHOOL)

Special Schools/Public Organisations
Fernvale Gardens Special School (Enrichment Progs.: Plasticine/Clay Relief Art)
NAC Community Art Programme with National Library Board (Paper Sculpture)
National Library Board (Holiday Art progs: Plasticine Relief Art)
NAC Community Art Programme with Tampines Changkat CC (Animal Masks)

Teachers’ Workshop Subscriptions (Individual/Group)

Art Appreciation (Local Artists & Art Styles)
Evergreen Secondary School
Raffles Girls’ Primary School
Victoria JC
Yishun Town Secondary School
Fashion Illustration/Design
Da Qiao Primary School

Mixed Media Painting
CHIJ (Toa Payoh) Secondary School
*organised by its Art department (The Art Studio)
Da Qiao Primary School
First Toa Payoh Primary School
Loyang Primary School
Queenstown Secondary School
Park View Primary School
*Teachers’ bonding workshop for whole school
Unity Secondary School
Zhonghua Primary School

Relief Art/Mixed Media
Boon Lay Garden Primary School
Coral Primary School
Griffiths Primary School
Junyuan Primary School
North Spring Primary School
St Stephen’s School

Paper Sculpture
Beatty Secondary School
Boon Lay Garden Primary School
Chong Zheng Primary School
Da Qiao Primary School
Damai Primary School
Dunearn Secondary School
Evergreen Secondary School
First Toa Payoh Primary School
Fuchun Secondary School
Griffiths Primary School
Holy Innocents’ Primary School
Hong Kah Secondary School
Junying Primary School
Junyuan Primary School
Loyang Primary School
Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School
Peicai Secondary School
Serangoon Secondary School
Si Ling Secondary School
St Stephen’s School
Yishun Secondary School
Yu Hua Secondary School
Zheng Hua Secondary School
Zhonghua Primary School

3D Paper Sculpture
Bishan Park Secondary School
New Town Primary School
Northbrooks Secondary School

Plasticine Relief
North Spring Primary School
*Teachers’ workshop in-school

Pop Art
Boon Lay Garden Primary School
CHIJ Primary (Toa Payoh)
Chongzheng Primary School
Damai Primary School
Da Qiao Primary School
Holy Innocents’ Primary School
Junying Primary School
Junyuan Secondary School
Loyang Primary School
Hillgrove Secondary School
Unity Secondary School
Yishun Primary School

Bedok West Primary School
Griffiths Primary School
New Town Primary School
Westwood Secondary School

Enquiries of our Courses

Do contact:

Lau Sheow Tong
Director/Chief Trainer

Tel: 9793 5566
Fax: 6747 1943

520 Sims Ave #02-04 Singapore 387 580
Business registration: 53064397M

Our Trainers

Lau Sheow Tong
He is the founder of Composite Art & Design who has an extensive track record in Art education from primary to tertiary levels. As an Art teacher with Ministry of Education from 2000 to 2006, he has taught at both primary and secondary levels. Prior to setting up Composite Art & Design, he was lecturing at LaSalle College of the Arts (Arts Management).

Currently, he is also lecturing at Temasek Polytechnic (Design Integrated Studies), LaSalle College of the Arts (Fine Arts) and First Media Design School on part-time and consultation bases for various fine arts/design modules.

As a teachers’ trainer with World Prime Arts Education, he has had conducted various Art workshops specially tailored for teachers from MOE such as Art Interpretation for Study of Visual Arts, Fashion Illustration, Mixed Media Painting etc.
As a practicing Artist, he has had exhibited his work at prominent local galleries such as Utterly Art (‘Lucky Cat’, ‘Fantasy of Luck’) and Sunjin Gallery (‘Emerging Talents: 5 Artists for the Future’, ‘Sweetalicious’).

He holds a Master in Fine Arts from LaSalle College of the Arts (validated by Open University, UK), a Post-graduate Diploma in Education from National Institute of Education and a Bachelor in Arts from National University of Singapore.

Karen Mitchell Chia
She is an Art educator/Designer who was in the teaching service, having headed and managed the school’s aesthetics department.

With her Graphic Design background, her works encompass simple and clean lines, epitomising the way technology enhances the development of design. Her experience in Fine Arts was when she was doing her studies at NIE, and later when she started teaching. She sees both Graphic Design and Fine Arts as forming a more exciting scope for her teaching and learning.

She holds an MA in Graphic Design from Surrey Institute of Art & Design, University College (now known as University for the Creative Arts) in the UK, a Diploma in Art Education from the National Institute of Education (NIE) and a Diploma in Graphic Design from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.

Lim Jit Hwang
He is currently lecturing part-time at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts on various design communication studies (Design Drawing, 3D visuals, General Illustration) at its department of Design & Media. Prior to this, he was a full-time lecturer with its department from 1998 to 2001.

He is also the founder and design/image consultant of Silverlining Bridal Couture started in 2002. It is a fine bridal consultancy firm which provides bridal image consultation and customized design of bridal dresses and suits for to-be-wed clients.

He graduated with a degree in Visual Arts and Communications from Curtin University of Technology.

Laura Soon
Laura Soon is a Singapore born artist with a Masters of Arts in Fine Art from LASALLE College of The Arts. She was also formally trained in Arts Education with the National Institute of Education, graduated with a distinction and has taught at secondary level for several years.
She was also one of the founding members of the contemporary art space - Plastique Kinetic Worms and has helped in managing and coordinating arts program at the gallery.
She is currently a part-time lecturer with LASALLE College Of The Arts and she has been active in exhibiting in groups and solo exhibitions with 2 dimensional tactile installation works that are made up of combinations of text, and personal iconography.

Joey Leong Pei Pei
Joey is a Design & Technology educator with an Industrial Design & Engineering background.

As a full time D&T educator with the Ministry of Education from 2002 to 2012, she was a level head & coordinator for the D&T department and she has several years of teaching experience with graduating classes at secondary level.

Currently, with her interest in Art and Design, she has ventured into field of Fashion and is a freelance educator for various Art and design courses.

She holds a First Class Honours for Bachelor Degree in Engineering from the University of New South Wales in Australia, a Post-graduate Diploma in Education from National Institute of Education and a Diploma in Engineering from Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

Sharina d/o Azlan
Sharina is currently a part-time lecturer with LASALLE College of The Arts Faculty of Foundation Studies since 2006 and has also been delivering customized primary level art programs to various primary schools.

Prior to this she has done painting commission projects, collaborated on murals, set product styling for design companies and participated in various group exhibitions.

She graduated from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Bachelor of Arts (Fine Arts) with Distinction and a Diploma in Visual Arts (Painting) with High Distinction from LASALLE-SIA College of The Arts. She was awarded LASALLE-SIA College of The Arts Outstanding Student Award in 1997.

Karen Pang Yin Pau
She is currently a freelance Art Educator teaching ceramics and visual arts in primary schools.

Prior to this, she was an Art Director for a design house for over 18 years, overseeing client management, design conceptualisation and final production.

Her professional and personal art works are of modern contemporary style. Blending functionality and aesthetics are part of her design and creative goals.
Some of her ceramic works have been selected for Ngee Ann Kongsi Foundation Exhibitions.

She holds a diploma in Graphic Design from LASALLE College of the Arts.

Jacqueline Sim
Jacqueline has been an art educator since 2006 delivering customized art programs to students of varying capabilities and character.

Aside from teaching in-school, she is a also a long-term volunteer with Singapore Association for the Visually Handicapped of different age groups. Besides creating specific art programs for them, she is also a befriender who brings joy to them.

She graduated with a diploma in Fine Arts from Lasalle College of the Arts and she is currently pursuing her BA at LaSalle as well.

Chloe Leow Wan Xiu
Chloe Leow graduated with a Diploma in Visual Communication from Temasek Polytechnic in 2006 and she has won The Crowbars Award under the advertising category in that year.

Since 2009, she has been an art educator & a freelance graphic designer where both roles help to enhance her skills in Art and Design. Other than being an art educator & a designer, she has been a mentor with Citycare and has won the Best Mentor Award in 2010.

She enjoys working with children and youths, passing down skills and knowledge through creative means in Art and Design.

Saiful Abu Bakar
Saiful is currently an art educator teaching visual arts from primary to tertiary levels.

Prior to this he has done painting commission projects, collaborated on various residential, commercial and institutional murals and participated on group exhibitions such as LaSalle College of the Arts (The Very Hairy Belly Jelly Show), the now defunct Furor Space - Independent Space for the Arts (Thoughts versus Actions) and Asian Civilisation Museum (Seeing is Believing).

He graduated from LaSalle College of the Arts with a Diploma in Visual Arts (Painting) in 2006.

Bridget Tay Liang Xuan
Bridget Tay is a practicing Singaporean artist who graduated with a distinction in BA(HONS) in Fine Arts from Lasalle College of the Arts and she is currently pursuing her MFA at LaSalle.

With a formalistic education in Fine Arts, her professional practice is advantage in educating the young in Fine Arts. She currently teaches various Artforms from primary to secondary levels and assists in co-teaching for selective Fine Arts modules at Lasalle College of the Arts.

As a practising artist, her formal concerns of work looks at the idea of painting and the physicality of the medium. Abstract in nature, Bridget's works resembles a spiritual epiphany achieved through certain genres of music.

Hilmi Johandi
He has participated in a number of exhibitions in Singapore
since 2009. Recent achievements in the past 2 years include: selected for the
“Young Talent Programme 2013” at the Affordable Art Fair Singapore and won its
solo exhibition prize showcase for 2014; He has showcased in group shows like
“Neo Folk” at Ikkan Gallery; “Flux – City of Change” a curated exhibition for
Strarta Art Fair in Saatchi Gallery, London; “Cross Encounters" at the
Japan Creative Centre Singapore; a juried exhibition; “Spot Art” at the
Singapore ARTrium; curated exhibition called “Interplay” at the Art Stage
Singapore 2013 and his contribution to “Sublime Bordouir” at the Old Vic Tunnel
in London. He obtained a Bachelors Degree with First Class Honors in Fine Arts
at Lasalle College of the Arts - Goldsmiths, University of London in 2013.

He currently lives and works in Singapore. Aside being
one the main trainers at Composite Art & Design, he has recently joined Lasalle College of the Arts as a part-time lecturer in the Foundation/Fine Arts faculty.