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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Reflection Journey (P6)

Kranji Primary School

Pupils were taught Scrapbooking and Paper Sculpture techniques in presenting their reflective journals. Class photos and reflective write-ups were compiled, decorated and composed according to themes such as Garden City, Carnival, Outerspace, Christmas Wishes etc. Finalwork are presented in reflective board and booklet for each class.

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  1. Such a good idea to use popout effects on scrapbook.I will definitely try out.


Track Record

A company that runs Art & Design
projects/courses in Singapore with aim to support visual art education and
various art collaborative projects within our community. Trigger
Creations is its series of Art Educational Programmes (AEP) endorsed by
National Arts Council (NAC).
These courses (2017 - end 2018) include:
Masks (Cultural)
Relief Art (Clay/Plasticine)
Paper Mache (Figurines)
Food Images in Mixed Media
Paper Sculpture
Cubist Faces

Our Homes, Our Community is its officially approved
PAL programme for lower primary levels (P1/P2) endorsed by MOE PAL Unit.
All art education courses could be customised and tailored according to clients’
needs and our trainers are MOE/NAC/AMIS registered.

Client List:

with Public/Private Organisations/NGOs/VWOs
01. Adventist Nursing & Rehab Centre
(WeCare Arts Fund: Relief Art)
02. Big Heart Student
Care @ Bendemeer PS (WeCare
Arts Fund: Fabric Art)
03. Big Heart Student
Care @ Concord PS (WeCare
Arts Fund: Paper Sculpture)
04. Big Heart Student
Care @ Fuchun PS (Cultural Masks)
05. Big Heart Student
Care @ Kheng Cheng PS (WeCare
Arts Fund: Cultural Masks)
06. Big Heart Student
Care @ Mayflower PS (WeCare
Arts Fund: Paper Sculpture)
07. Big Heart Student
Care @ Princess Elizabeth PS (WeCare
Arts Fund: Fabric Art)
08. CDAC @ Jurong West
(WeCare Arts Fund: Clay Art/Pottery)
09. Charis
Student Care Centre @ Marsiling (WeCare Arts Fund: Mural Painting/Installation)
10. Calvary Community
Care (WeCare Arts Fund: Fabric
11. CARElderly Seniors
Activity Centre @ Circuit Rd (WeCare
Arts Fund: Fabric Art)
12. Care Corner
Seniors Services Ltd @ Toa Payoh (WeCare
Arts Fund: Clay Art/Pottery/Batik)
13. Care Community Services Society
(WeCare Arts Fund: Fabric Art)
14. DFS Singapore (3D Paper
Sculpture in theme of Cultural Masks for publicity purpose)
15. Esplanade (Paper
Sculpture course for parents/children @ Octoburst 2016)
16. Fernvale Gardens Special
School MINDS (NAC-AEP Progs.: Plasticine/Clay Relief Art)
17. Filos Community Services
(WeCare Arts Fund: Fabric Art)
18. GoodLife! Monfort Care (WeCare
Arts Fund: Water Colour Painting)
19. ITE College Central
(NAC-AEP: Paper Mache/Food Images/Cubist Faces/Cultural Masks)
20. ITE College West
(NAC-AEP: Cultural Mask for Visual Arts Show Event 2016)
21. Jurong Health Service with
LHPS/JWPS/ZHSS/YISS/C&C - The Garden Project (Paper Sculpture/Mixed
22. Lee Kong Chian Gardens School
MINDS (NAC-AEP: Paper Mache)
23. Moral Student Care Centre
Bukit Panjang (WeCare Arts Fund: Paper Sculpture)
24. Morning Star Community
Services (WeCare Arts Fund: Paper Masks)
25. NAC Community Art Programme
with National Library Board (Paper
26. NAC Community Art Programme
with Tampines Changkat CC (Animal
27. National Gallery Singapore (NGS) –
Education Division (Artwork Interpretive Writing; Publicity Art Talks for Liu
Kang’s exhibition 2012; Publicity Art Talks for NGS Opening 2014/2015; Inhouse
Art Tours & Workshops 2016/2017; P4 MBL Tours 2018)
28. National Library Board
(Holiday/Weekend Art progs @ libraries islandwide: Marker/Col. Pencil
Rendering; Fashion Illustration; Pop Art Collage/Mixed Media; Paper Sculpture;
Relief Art; Art Talks)
29. New Life Children &
Student Care (WeCare Arts Fund: Clay Relief Art/Clay Figurines)
30. Palelai Temple (Art Enrichment progs
for children – Water-col/Mixed Media/Paper Sculpture/Fabric Art/Clay Relief)
31. Tembusu
Seniors Activity Centre (Fabric Art)
32. Xin Yuan
Community Care (Clay Relief Art/Fabric Art/Paper Mache/Mixed Media Painting/Paper
Sculpture/Mosaic Art)

for Teachers
Art Appreciation (Local Artists & Art Styles)
Evergreen Secondary School
Raffles Girls’ Primary School
Victoria JC
Yishun Town Secondary School
Fashion Illustration/Design
Da Qiao Primary School

Bedok West Primary School
Griffiths Primary School
New Town Primary School
Westwood Secondary School
Mixed Media Painting
CHIJ (Toa Payoh) Secondary School
*organised by its Art department (The Art Studio)
Da Qiao Primary School
First Toa Payoh Primary School
Loyang Primary School
Queenstown Secondary School
Park View Primary School
*Teachers’ bonding workshop for whole school
Unity Secondary School
Zhonghua Primary School

Woodgrove Primary School
Paper Sculpture
Beatty Secondary School
Boon Lay Garden Primary School
Chong Zheng Primary School
Da Qiao Primary School
Damai Primary School
Dunearn Secondary School
Evergreen Secondary School
First Toa Payoh Primary School
Fuchun Secondary School
Griffiths Primary School
Holy Innocents’ Primary School
Hong Kah Secondary School
Junying Primary School
Junyuan Primary School
Loyang Primary School
Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School
Peicai Secondary School
Serangoon Secondary School
Si Ling Secondary School
St Stephen’s School
Yishun Secondary School
Yu Hua Secondary School
Zheng Hua Secondary School
Zhonghua Primary School
PAL Programme Consultation/Training
Keming Primary School

Plasticine Relief
North Spring Primary School
*Teachers’ workshop in-school
Pop Art
Boon Lay Garden Primary School
CHIJ Primary (Toa Payoh)
Chongzheng Primary School
Damai Primary School
Da Qiao Primary School
Holy Innocents’ Primary School
Junying Primary School
Junyuan Secondary School
Loyang Primary School
Hillgrove Secondary School
Unity Secondary School
Yishun Primary School

Relief Art/Mixed Media
Boon Lay Garden Primary School
Coral Primary School
Griffiths Primary School
Junyuan Primary School
North Spring Primary School
St Stephen’s School

3D Paper Sculpture
Bishan Park Secondary School
New Town Primary School
Northbrooks Secondary School

Courses for Secondary Schools
01. Ang Mo Kio Secondary School
(Enrichment Progs: Installation Art; Mixed Media)
02. Bedok North Secondary School
(Enrichment Prog: Installation Art)
03. Bedok View Secondary School
(Enrichment Prog: Reference & Ideation for Art-making)
04. Bishan Park Secondary School
(NAC-AEP Prog: Pop Art)
05. Boon Lay Secondary School
(NAC-AEP Prog: Pop Art)
06. Bukit Merah Secondary School
(NAC-AEP Progs: Paper Sculpture; Paper Mache; 3D Paper Art)
07. Canberra Secondary School
(NAC-AEP Prog: 3D Paper Sculpture)
08. Chua Chu Kang Secondary
School (Enrichment Progs: Fashion Design/Clay Relief/Cubism/Paper Mache)
09. ClementiWoods Secondary
School (Enrichment Prog/NAC-AEP: Paper Sculpture/Relief Art)
10. Damai Secondary School
(Enrichment/NAC-AEP Progs: Fashion Illustration; Caricature/Cubist
Illustration; Paper Sculpture; Cultural Masks; Relief Art; Clay Art)
11. Deyi Secondary School
(Enrichment Prog: Local Artists & Art Styles)
12. East View Secondary School
(NAC-AEP Progs: Images of Food/Cubist Faces/Paper Sculpture)
13. Fairfield Methodist Secondary
School (NAC-AEP Prog: Cultural Masks)
14. Geylang Methodist Secondary School
(NAC-AEP Progs: Local Artists & Art Styles/Cultural Masks)
15. Guang Yang Secondary School
(Enrichment Prog: Cartooning Workshop)
16. Hillgrove Secondary School
(Enrichment Progs: Batik Art/Paper Sculpture)
17. Hua Yi Secondary School
(NAC-AEP Prog: Caricature/Cubist Faces)
18. Holy Innocents’ High School
(NAC-AEP Prog: Food Images in Mixed Media)
19. Hwa Chong Institution
(NAC-AEP Prog: Paper Sculpture)
20. Kranji Secondary School
(Enrichment Progs.: Mixed Media/Chinese Painting)
21. Nan Hua High (Enrichment Progs:
Wire Sculpture/Fashion Illustration/Cartoon/Paper Sculpture/Abstract 3D Paper
Art/3D Paper Art)
22. National JC Boarding School
(NAC-AEP Prog: Cultural Masks)
23. Naval Base Secondary School (NAC-AEP
Progs: Local Artists & Art Styles; Mixed Media Painting; Cubist
Illustration; Cultural Masks; Paper Sculpture)
24. Northbrooks Secondary School
(NAC-AEP Prog: Cultural Masks)
25. Pasir Ris Secondary School
(NAC-AEP Prog: Cultural Masks)
26. Regent Secondary School
((Enrichment Progs: Local Art Series)
27. River Valley High School
(Enrichment Prog: Water-colour Painting)
28. Singapore Chinese Girls’
Secondary School (Enrichment Progs: Local Art Series; Linoprint)
29. Singapore Sports School
(NAC-AEP/Enrichment Progs: Caricature Illustration; Images of Food; Cubist
Faces, Paper Mache Figurines; Cultural Masks; Paper Sculpture; Clay Art; Food
30. St Hilda’s Secondary School
(Enrichment Progs: Paper Art/Wire Sculpture/Figurine Painting)
31. Tampines Secondary School
(Enrichment/NAC-AEP Progs: Fashion Design as EM for NT/NA; Local Art &
Artists; Relief Art)
32. Tanjong Katong Girls' School
(NAC-AEP Progs: Mixed Media Painting; Pop Art; Images of Food; Cultural Masks)
33. Temasek Secondary School
(NAC-AEP Progs: Mixed Media Painting; Enrichment Prog.: Fashion Illustration)
34. Queensway Secondary School
(NAC-AEP Prog: Mixed Media Painting)
35. Woodgrove Secondary School (NAC-AEP
Prog: Mixed Media Painting)
36. Woodlands Secondary School
(NAC-AEP Prog: Paper Sculpture/Food Images)
37. Yuhua Secondary School (NAC-AEP
Prog: Collage/Mixed Media)
38. Yusof Ishak Secondary School
(NAC-AEP Prog: Artists & Art Styles)
39. Yuying Secondary School (NAC-AEP
Prog: Cultural Masks)
40. Zhenghua Secondary School
(NAC-AEP/Enrichment progs: Fashion Illustration/Images of Food/Linoprint/Relief
Courses for Primary Schools
01. Aitong Primary School
(AMIS/Enrichment Progs: Mixed Media 2D/3D; Paper Sculpture; Acrylic Painting;
Col-pencil Rendering)
02. Bendemeer Primary School (AMIS
Progs: Mixed Media/Collage in Pop Art Style; Animal Puppets; Clay 3D/Relief Art;
Fabric Art)
03. Bukit Timah Primary School (AMIS
Progs: Mixed Media/Paper Sculpture)
04. Canossa Convent Primary
School (NAC-AEP Prog: Cubism)
05. Changkat Primary School
(AMIS Prog: Graffiti Mural Painting)
06. Clementi Primary School
(Enrichment Progs: Local Art/Mixed Media/Cubism/Post-impressionism)
07. Concord Primary School
(Enrichment Progs: Mixed Media; Recycled Art, Relief/3D Art)
08. Coral Primary School (AMIS
Progs: Relief Art on Peranakan Houses; Mural Painting/Installation; Peranakan
09. CHIJ Primary (Toa Payoh) School
(NAC-AEP/AMIS/Enrichment Progs: Collage/Paper Sculpture/Mixed Media/Relief
Art/Paper-cut/Masters’ Series; Mural Painting/Installation; Chinese Painting)
10. Da Qiao Primary School (AMIS
Progs: Mixed Media Art)
11. Damai Primary School
(NAC-AEP Progs: Paper Sculpture/Mixed Media – Images of Food)
12. East Coast Primary School
(AMIS/NAC-AEP Progs: 'Paper' Art; Mixed Media)
13. Edgefield Primary School (AMIS
Prog: Relief Art)
14. Elias Park Primary School
(Enrichment Prog.: Mixed Media/Cubism)
15. Endeavour Primary School
(NAC-AEP/AMIS Progs: Relief Art; Mural Installation/Installation; Collage Mixed
16. Eunos Primary School (Enrichment
Progs : Great Masters’ Series; Relief Art; Basic Art Renderings; Nanyang Art;
Mural Painting; Paper Mache; Paper Sculpture; Papercraft)
17. Frontier Primary School
(NAC-AEP Prog: Figurines in Paper Mache)
18. Greenwood Primary School
(Enrichment Progs Art club: Singapore Art/Mixed Media; P3 Fabric Art/Relief
Paper Sculpture)
19. Griffiths Primary School
(AIS/NAC-AEP/AMIS Progs: Various Art courses for both curriculum &
enrichment programmes P1 – P6/Mural Painting/Installation)
20. Haig Girls’ School (Enrichment
Progs: Paper Sculpture; Mixed Media 2D; Figurines in Paper Mache; Appropriation
of Local Artists’ Work - TimeOut)
21. Horizon Primary School (Enrichment
Prog: Paper Mache)
22. Hougang Primary School
(AMIS/NAC-AEP Progs: Relief Houses in Collage Mixed Media; P3 Paper Sculpture)
23. Hong Wen School (AMIS
Prog: Cubist Still-Life)
24. Innova Primary School
(NAC-AEP Prog: Fabric Painting)
25. Junyuan Primary School
(AMIS/NAC-AEP Progs: Various Art courses for both curriculum & enrichment
26. Jurong West Primary School
(AMIS Prog: Water-colour painting/ Acrylic Painting/ Relief Art)
27. Kranji Primary School
(Enrichment Progs: Scrapbooking; Paper Sculpture)
28. Lianhua Primary School
(Enrichment Progs: 3D/Relief Recycled Art/Paper
Sculpture/Relief Art/Mixed
Media Painting/Fabric Art/3D Claywork/Cartoon & Manga/Paper Mache)
29. Loyang Primary School
(NAC-AEP Prog: Paper Sculpture)
30. Marymount Convent School
(Enrichment Progs: Mixed Media/Recycled Art/Clay Relief/T-shirt Painting)
31. Mayflower Primary School
(Enrichment Progs: Appropriation of Local Artists’ Work – TimeOut)
32. Maris Stella High (Pri)
School (Enrichment Prog for Art Club: Faces in Cubism)
33. Mee Toh School
(AMIS/NAC-AEP Prog: Clay Relief Art; Clay Plates)
34. Nan Hua Primary School
(Enrichment Progs: Painting/Mixed Media/Chinese Painting/Relief Art/Paper
Sculpture; NAC-AEP Prog: Cubist Faces)
35. New Town Primary School
(NAC-AEP Prog: Clay Relief Art)
36. Ngee Ann Primary School (AMIS/Enrichment
Progs: Cartooning/Manga/Collage/Mixed Media/Clay Relief/Paper Mache/Paper
37. North Spring Primary School
(AMIS Prog: Wire Sculpture)
38. North Vista Primary School
((AMIS/Enrichment Progs: Paper Art; Paper Sculpture; Mixed Media; Relief Art;
Clay Relief)
39. Opera Estate Primary School
(NAC-AEP/AMIS Progs: Paper Mache)
40. Park View Primary School
(NAC-AEP/AMIS Progs: Mixed Media; Relief Art; Recycled Art; Paper Sculpture;
Cubism; Fabric Art)
41. Pasir Ris Primary School
(Enrichment Progs: Paper Art; Paper Sculpture; Mixed Media)
42. Peiying Primary School (AMIS
Progs: Collage; Mixed Media 2D; Cubist Faces)
43. Poiching Sch (NAC-AEP
Prog: Paper Mache Figurines)
44. Punggol Primary School (AMIS
Progs: Great Masters’ Series: Post-Impressionism/Chinese Painting)
45. Punggol Cove Primary School
(NAC-AEP Prog: Faces in Cubism)
46. Raffles Girls’ Primary School
(Enrichment Progs: Paper Sculpture/Mixed Media)
47. Qihua Primary School
(NAC-AEP Prog: Paper Sculpture)
48. Queenstown Primary School
(NAC-AEP/Enrichment Progs: Relief Art/Paper Sculpture/Mixed Media/Paper Mache/Chinese
49. Rosyth Primary School (AMIS
Progs: Mixed Media using recycled materials)
50. Seng Kang Primary School (AMIS
Progs: Relief Art in Plasticine)
51. Sembawang Primary School
(NAC-AEP Prog: Faces in Cubism/Clay Relief Art)
52. Siling Primary School
(AMIS Prog: Collage/Mixed Media)
53. Singapore Chinese Girls' Primary
School (AMIS/NAC-AEP Progs: Paper Sculpture; Mixed Media; Recycled Art)
54. St Anthony’s Cannossian Primary
School (Enrichment Progs: Paper Sculpture/Wire Sculpture/Emboss
55. St Margaret’s Primary School
(AMIS Prog: Mixed Media Collage)
56. Tao Nan School (AMIS/NAC-AEP
Progs: Collage/Mixed Media/Paper Sculpture/Artists & Art
Styles/Cubism/Relief Art/Fabric Art/Print-making/Clay Figurines)
57. Townsville Primary School (Enrichment
Progs: Water-col painting/Col-pencil rendering/Paper Mache/Clay Figurines/Paper
58. Unity Primary School
(AMIS Prog: Fabric Art)
59. West View Primary School
(NAC-AEP/AMIS Progs: Images of Food/Cultural Masks/Paper Mobiles)
60. Whitesands Primary School (AMIS
Prog: Mixed Media; Cubism)
61. Woodgrove Primary School
(AMIS/NAC-AEP/Enrichment Progs: 3D/Relief Recycled Art/Paper Sculpture/Relief
Art/Still-life/Mixed Media Painting/Fabric Art/Claywork/Paper Mache/Batik
Painting/Water Colour painting)
62. Woodlands Primary School
(NAC-AEP/Enrichment Progs: Relief Art; Recycled Art; Mixed Media Collage)
63. Xing Hua Primary School
(PAL Prog P1: Our Homes, Our Community)
64. Yang Zheng Primary School (AMIS
Prog: Mixed Media)
65. Yumin Primary School
(AMIS/NAC-AEP Progs: Mixed Media; Paper Mache; Recycled Art; Paper Sculpture;
Clay Relief Mural)
66. Zhonghua Primary School (AMIS
Prog: Semi-3D Art using recycled materials)
67. Zhenghua Primary School (NAC-AEP
Prog: Mixed Media Art)

SYF 2017 Work with Certificates of Recognition

In. Visible. City (Cat A
My Robot Dolls (Cat A –
Uniquely Singapore (The
Peranakans) (Cat A - WOODGROVE PRIMARY
Love Our Pets (Cat A -
Food Everywhere! (Cat B
Butterflies in Paradise (Cat B –
Wonders of Nature (Cat C -

Selected SYF 2015 Work with Certificates of
The Three Little Merlions (Cat B - LIANHUA
Head, Heart, Hand (Cat B – (WOODGROVE PRIMARY
Home is Where the Heart is (Cat B - EUNOS PRIMARY
Moulding Singapore Together (Cat C -

Selected SYF 2013 Work with Certificates of
Our Neighbourhood, Our Home (Cat A
Our Art Buildings (Cat A – (WOODGROVE PRIMARY
A Land of Flowers (Cat A - EUNOS PRIMARY
Every Child An Artist (Cat C - EUNOS PRIMARY
The Three Little Artists (Cat C - SEMBAWANG PRIMARY

Awards Achieved (SYF Art & Crafts
Exhibition 2011)
Silver (Griffiths Primary School)‘Our Symphony of Flats’
Bronze (Concord Primary School)‘The Strong Foundation’
Bronze (Eunos Primary School)‘Houses in Harmony’
Bronze (Elias Park Primary School)‘Multifaceted Portraits of Singapore’

Our Trainers

Sheow Tong
He is the founder of Composite Art & Design who has an extensive track
record in Art education from primary to tertiary levels. As an Art teacher with
Ministry of Education from 2000 to 2006 (April), he has taught at both primary
and secondary levels. While managing his company from 2006 (May) to 2015, he
was also lecturing at Temasek Polytechnic (Design Integrated Studies), LaSalle
College of the Arts (Fine Arts/Arts Management) and First Media Design School
on part-time and consultation bases for various Arts and Design modules. As a
teachers’ trainer with World Prime Arts Education (2007), he has had conducted
various Art workshops specially tailored for teachers from MOE such as Art
Interpretation for Study of Visual Arts, Fashion Illustration, Mixed Media
Painting etc.
As a practicing Artist, he has had exhibited his work at prominent local
galleries such as Utterly Art (‘Lucky Cat’, ‘Fantasy of Luck’) and Sunjin
Gallery (‘Emerging Talents: 5 Artists for the Future’, ‘Sweetalicious’).
Currently, his works could be viewed online at
He holds a Master in Fine Arts (2007) from LaSalle College of the Arts
(validated by Open University, UK), a Post-graduate Diploma in Education (2000)
from National Institute of Education and a Bachelor in Arts from National
University of Singapore (1996).

Sharina d/o Azlan
Sharina is currently a part-time lecturer with LASALLE College of The Arts
Faculty of Foundation Studies since 2006 and has also been delivering
customized primary level art programs to various primary schools.
Prior to this she has done painting commission projects, collaborated on
murals, set product styling for design companies and participated in various
group exhibitions.
She graduated from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Bachelor of Arts
(Fine Arts) with Distinction and a Diploma in Visual Arts (Painting) with High
Distinction from LASALLE-SIA College of The Arts. She was awarded LASALLE-SIA
College of The Arts Outstanding Student Award in 1997.
Saiful Abu Bakar
Saiful is currently an art educator teaching visual arts from primary to
tertiary levels.
Prior to this he has done painting commission projects, collaborated on various
residential, commercial and institutional murals and participated on group
exhibitions such as LaSalle College of the Arts (The Very Hairy Belly Jelly
Show), the now defunct Furor Space - Independent Space for the Arts (Thoughts
versus Actions) and Asian Civilisation Museum (Seeing is Believing).
He graduated from LaSalle College of the Arts with a Diploma in Visual Arts
(Painting) in 2006.
Bridget Tay Liang Xuan
Bridget Tay is a practicing Singaporean artist who graduated with a MFA in
Fine Arts from Lasalle College of the Arts.
With a formalistic education in Fine Arts, her professional practice is
advantage in educating the young in Fine Arts. She currently teaches various
Artforms from primary to secondary levels and assists in co-teaching for
selective Fine Arts modules at Lasalle College of the Arts.
As a practising artist, her formal concerns of work looks at the idea of
painting and the physicality of the medium. Abstract in nature, Bridget's works
resembles a spiritual epiphany achieved through certain genres of music.

Karen Pang Yin
She is currently a
freelance Art Educator teaching ceramics and visual arts in primary schools.
Prior to this, she
was an Art Director for a design house for over 18 years, overseeing client
management, design conceptualisation and final production.
Her professional
and personal art works are of modern contemporary style. Blending functionality
and aesthetics are part of her design and creative goals.
of her ceramic works have been selected for Ngee Ann Kongsi Foundation Exhibitions.
She holds a
diploma in Graphic Design from LASALLE College of the Arts.
Jacqueline Sim
Jacqueline has been an art educator since 2006
delivering customized art programs to students of varying capabilities and
Aside from teaching in-school, she is a also a long-term volunteer with
Singapore Association for the Visually Handicapped of different age groups.
Besides creating specific art programs for them, she is also a befriender who
brings joy to them.
She graduated with a BA in Fine Arts from Lasalle College of the Arts.
Sunarti Abdul Samat
graduated with 2nd class honours in Fine Arts from Lasalle College
of The Arts. Her passion for visual arts started from an early age, and she is
interested to experiment with various mediums in her artmaking. Since her
diploma days, she has started conducting art courses for primary and secondary
schools such as printmaking, painting, craftmaking and illustration. She
believes in imparting Art knowledge and skills to the young, hence, she took a
1 year part-time course in Specialised Diploma in Arts Education from NIE
INTERNATIONAL and also completed a certificate in Creative therapy in handling
children with special needs.
also have the passion in photography, as a side line,. During her free time,
she does model and landscape photography and also explore in new composition in
photography to widen up her skills.
from teaching, Sunarti is also interested in performing arts and photography.
She does commission wedding photography and works part time at Esplanade as
production crew doing lightings and staging.

Lydia Thio
Lydia is an experienced art educator
who has been teaching art for almost 9 years. She graduated from Temasek
Polytechnic, School of Visual Communication in 2000 and has joined the design
industry for several years prior to art teaching.
She has experience in teaching the
following artforms to both primary and secondary students:
Relief Art; Mixed Media; Batik
painting; Print-making; Clay-work; Acrylic painting and Illustration.
Lydia enjoys working with the
children and believes that they should be exposed to different art-forms in
generating their interest in Art.

Patrick Choe Kok Fai
Patrick has been an AMIS/MOE-reg trainer since 2009. He started teaching
art classes on printmaking and silk-screen printing with MOE schools in 2007.
Thereafter after getting his registration as an AMIS/MOE-reg trainer, he has
conducted classes in various Artforms such as Paper Mache, Clay Art and
drawings. By 2014, he had conducted Art lessons in no fewer than 15 primary
He attained his Art qualification in Printmaking from Nanyang Academy of
Fine Arts.

Joyce Long
Joyce is
a currently an experienced art educator teaching visual arts at several
schools. Her extensive experience in teaching various schools has equipped her
with excellent skills in classroom management and the ability to connect with
students in schools. She has been in the Art industry for almost 9 years and
she is experienced in teaching in any art forms ranging from acrylic painting,
drawing, print making, chinese painting, batik art, clay work, paper mache,
relief painting, mixed media to wiring sculpture.
As a teaching artist, she completed a Certificate in Western Art from Nanyang
Academy of Fine Arts. She is now pursuing Specialist Diploma In Art
Education from National Institute Of Education International which collaborates
with National Arts Council. Apart from that, she is practicing Chinese painting
and Chinese calligraphy at The Chinese Calligraphy Society of

Yong Tai Si
Tai Si
has more than 15 years of experience in the art industry. She taught art for 10
years, mostly at LASALLE College of the Arts; and did conservation at a private
studio in the last 5 years. She decided to returned to teaching in 2016.
conservation experience exposed her to the richness of the art collection in
the region and gave her an understanding of the art industry from a different
perspective. In addition, she randomly does freelance projects including
mosaic, murals, window dressing, illustrations and outdoor art
Tai Si
has a Degree in Fine Art from RMIT (conducted at LASALLE College of the Arts)
and a Degree in Business Administration from National University of Singapore.
She practised as an artist from 1999 to 2004 and hopes to return to it when her
parental duties ease.

Jocelyn Teo Pei Hui
has been a Graphic Designer for more than 10 years. She has conducted numerous
Infocomm and Digital Media trainings in both Primary and Secondary schools as a
Part-time instructor for more than 4 years. With an interest and passion in
training, she loves and looks forward to impact her skills and knowledge to
students in the hope of enriching them with subjects outside the text books and
nurture creative thinking through art and design. During her tenure at Crescent
Girls’ School as a full-time trainer, she assisted in various school initiated
projects such as MANGA drawing programme (where selected works were published
as manga comic), and also partook as an Art Instructor for Singapore Philatelic
Museum’s “100 years of Picture Postcards Art Workshop Appreciation” in
1998. She
graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts - Second Class Honours
(Upper division) from Middlesex University (with SAE Institute

Phar Jie Yi, Christina
Jie Yi is a freelance art instructor who has taught
children from pre-school to secondary level since July 15. Courses she has
taught include traditional painting, drawing, oil pastels colouring, 3D
sculptures, mixed media art to digital media such as photography and stop
motion etc.

Besides teaching in preschools and MOE schools, she has had also
facilitated in student care centres and public workshops at National Library
Board (NLB). Jie Yi has participated in various Arts public events like: Mount
Faber Safra Halloween Night 2015, Pasir Panjang Private Estate Association’s 18th
Lantern Night Festival and etc.
She holds a Degree in
Bachelor of Business (Marketing) from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

Pavanarani (Rani) Verma
Pavanarani is a Fine Artist & a freelance
Art instructor based in Singapore with experience in Fashion Design, Jewelry
Design, Picture Book Illustration and Fine Art Painting.

She is a North-East Indian who was born in
Thailand, and grew up in Singapore where she did her Art & Design education
in LASALLE (Singapore) and University in Parsons School of Design (NYC, USA)
where she obtained her Certificates & Degrees in Foundation of Arts,
Fashion Design & Fine Arts. She has worked, lived and created art in
Thailand, India, Singapore, USA and Japan.

Thong Siew Ping (Jenie)
Jenie is currently a freelance
illustrator & art educator teaching visual arts from primary to secondary
Prior to this she has done
customised illustrations projects, collaborated on murals, and participated in
pre-schoolers arts & creative programmes.

During her formative years, Jenie
had received many accolades in her art and creative classes. After getting her
diploma in Business Administration she decided to pursue her passion and
obtained a Certificate in Basic Visual Communication from NAFA (Nanyang Academy
of Fine Arts).

Sheau Shih Claire
Claire has been engaged in art and heritage-related work since
graduating in 1999. Her experience in art education began as a full-time art
teacher for Woodlands Ring Secondary and as a part-time lecturer with LASALLE
College of the Arts.

Her practice as Painting Conservator and Artist for the past 10 over
years has exposed her to a wide range of art techniques, materials, and ideas.
She has exhibited her works in Singapore, Switzerland, France, China, the
Philippines and Australia. Some of her notable projects are commission project
with Land Transport Authority (since 2014) and the completion of the inaugural
Art Incubator Residency in Singapore and resulting exhibition “TRACES” at ICAS,
LASALLE (2009).

Claire has a Masters in Fine Art from RMIT (2003) and a Bachelor
Degree in Fine Arts from LASALLE College of the Arts (1999).

Angie Chua Bee Geok
Angie graduated with a Diploma in
Visual Communication from Nanyang Academic of Fine Arts. Prior to teaching she
has been a graphic design for more than10 years. She has experience in various
printmaking techniques, painting, ceramics, mixed medium work and
installations. She has been teaching visual arts in government schools and
pre-school for more than 5 years.
She is passionate about teaching
and she hopes to inspire students and assist them in developing their creativity and self-expression
through various art forms and media.

Tan Ching Ching
Ching holds a Specialist Diploma in Arts Education from National Institution of
Education (International), and a Certificate in Western Art from Nanyang
Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA).

has conducted various workshops in-school as well as for Very Special Arts
Singapore. She is also currently a PA trainer conducting Art classes for
children. She is passionate about teaching and always keen to teach and learn
various Art forms.

Lee Swee Theng
Ranae Lee is a visual
arts educator who holds a Bachelor's degree in Printmaking and a Masters of
Education (Special Education). She has over fifteen years of teaching
experience that ranged from visual arts workshops to historical/cultural tours
of Singapore's history and heritage. She has conducted visual art workshops in
drawing, painting, printmaking and mix-media for children and youth, including clients
with special needs. Since 2015, she has also participated in various community-led
visual arts workshops.

Justin Lim Sui Hsien
Justin is a visual artist who is currently teaching fine art and design
for several institutions and vendors in Singapore. He has also conducted
private art workshops for adults, teenagers, corporate companies and aspiring
artists. He graduated with Diploma and BA (Honours) from LASALLE College of the
Arts, Singapore in partnership with Goldsmiths University of London.

He was a recipient of
the inaugural IMPART (Artist) award and the Winston Oh travelogue sponsorship
(Research). Justin has been actively exhibiting his works in group shows including
Art Stage Singapore.